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Paycation Weekly Meeting Memo

Paycation Memorandum Re: Weekly Opportunity Meetings From: Donald Bradley, VP of Marketing / Spencer Iverson, VP of Business Development The following will serve as guidelines for weekly opportunity meetings that are happening around the country. These guidelines are being implemented to create a uniform, professional atmosphere that represents the standards of excellence of the Paycation experience.

1. All meetings must start at 7:00 pm (local time). Time can be allowed / announced for trainings that happen earlier, but the opportunity presentations shall start promptly at 7:00 pm.
2. Meeting shall not be more than 60 minutes in length. Adhere to the “20- 20-20” rule. 20 minutes for the travel portion, 20 minutes for the compensation plan and 20 minutes for recognition. A designated timekeeper should be assigned to manage this process.
3. No market shall charge business owners more than $10.00 to attend the opportunity meeting (depending on the market, you may charge less). Guests shall always be FREE.
4. Professional dress shall always be requested. Ushers posted at the door should screen for inappropriately dressed women and men. All men should be asked to remove caps and sunglasses before entering the meeting room.
5. Ushers shall direct business owners and guests to the front and meeting rooms should be filled from the front to the back. Once the presentation starts, there will be no reserving / holding seats in the first 3 rows. If those seats are empty at the time of the start of the presentation, they will remain empty for the duration.
6. No babies under the age of 2 years old shall be permitted inside the meeting rooms.
7. No children shall be seated in the first 3 rows.
8. A table reserved for Diamonds should be placed at the front of all meeting rooms.
9. Weekly opportunity meetings shall be conducted by International Executives and above. Presenters, please refrain from excessive references to religious or ethnically sensitive statements.
10. No slides depicting your personal pictures, vacations or trips will be permitted for the weekly meetings. However, these slides are allowed for home meetings / private presentations.
11. At the end of the meeting only National Executives, International Executives and Diamonds should be asked to come to the front of the room. All other levels should be asked to stand and be recognized.
12. National Executives and International Executives shall state their “name, city / state of residence and occupation” ONLY.
13. Diamonds shall state their “name, city / state of residence and occupation” and a 1 minute statement re: why they chose Paycation as their source for financial freedom. No income claims should ever be made. These testimonials are not opportunities for training or philosophy, but a simple statement of encouragement.
14. After the Diamond testimonials, meetings should be closed IMMEDIATELY. No extra slides. No extra stories. No additional points. “Thank you ladies and gentlemen for coming. Please get back with the person who invited you to the presentation, get your questions answered and join us! We look forward to seeing you next week. Drive safely and good night!

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